"Being undergarment experts, we are helping our customer to identify the absolute best match for their need, supporting them with incomparable customer service, dependable delivery and competitive products."

  • Our Business
    • Enriched by the valuable experienceof more than thirty years, Dali has suitably positioned itself as one of the eminent undergarment sourcing professional, supplier and exporter by providing one-stop service to our global customer.Being undergarment experts, we are helping our customer to identify the absolute best match for their need, supporting them with incomparable customer service, dependable delivery and competitive products.

  • Our Values
    • "Across our business, three core values, which have not changed since Dali was founded, bring us together and guide everything we do. Our values are more than just words. They are meaningful expressions of who we are."

      • Excellent Customer experience
        • We strive to create a positive experience for our customers each and every time we communicate with them along the entire business process as well as the personal connection with us. We pursue excellence in serving our customers in order to become their trustable partner.

      • Creating shared values
        • Our business is not just about supplying undergarment but creating shared values by addressing the needs of our customers. We values creation as the stimulation of a sustainable and healthy growth and has been actively developing various new products which aims to cover every need of numerous undergarments.

      • Commitment to Social responsibility
        • We aim to make a positive difference to the communities where we operate. We prioritize the hiring and development of local people and work with local supply chains where we can.Through our comprehensive care to both our customers and staff, we are now truly delighted to have broken the boundary and risen to the South East Asia region.

  • Our Mission & Vision
    • Discovering A Life Inspired

      With commitment to our vision of "Discovering A Life Inspired", Dali concentrate on the continued development of products that inspired by life as well as products that inspire life. We attempt to share our life-inspired spirit through our products, whilst respecting optimum ecologically sustainable standards.

      • Sustainability
        • We are continuously elevating our products & services to meet increasing customer expectations and changing market conditions, whilst at the same time improving workforce wellness and workplace sustainability

      • Innovation
        • We prioritize the innovation in product development, technology and sustainability. We are constantly looking to exceed the needs of customers by offering the most satisfying service - sincere, timely and flexible

      • Value Creation
        • We intend to build partnerships and business relations on the basis of mutual benefit and success. This will ensure a significant contribution to the long term security of employees and the communities in which they operate

  • Our Strategy
    • Global leader of Undergarments

      Our strategy borrows our key strengths from the past and makes them relevant to a new era of global undergarment market.

  • Our Organization
    • All units of Dali Group share a commitment to sustainable excellence and are subject to a policy that ensures a culture of employee qualifications, environmental protection standards and product quality assurance.

      • Our Team
        • Our team is composed of motivated and enthusiastic individuals who have a vested interest in creating value-driven and quality products for our customers while never losing sight of providing the best possible service. Our teams take an active role in all aspects of Dali Group and contribute invaluable know-how to every customer undertaking.

  • Our Employees
    • Employees secure the future

      Excellent products can only be produced by highly qualified and motivated employees, who assure Dali's commitment to excellent.

      Dali is committed to fair working conditions, support for social justice, and investment in educational and school projects for employees and their families. In assuring its social responsibility Dali is committed to ensuring employees have the opportunity to exceed in their daily tasks.

      • Our Employee
        • The creation of all value starts from our first resources - Dali's talents. They are the core competitiveness of Dali Group driving us to success in the global market of undergarments. Dali is committed to fair, safe, secure and rewarding working conditions. We ensure employees having equal opportunity at all levels at workplace.

  • Our Network
    • Dali Group

      Found in 1986, Dali is a large-scale undergarment group corporation


      Dali Garments Weaving Group Ltd.

      Specialize in overseas sales & marketing services of undergarment, homewear & swimwear


      Dali Elastic Weaving Co., Ltd.

      Specialize in elastic band, plane ribbon, lace string for underwear and shoulder strap for bra


      Dali Garment International (Cambodia) Limited

      Specialize in all kinds of undergarment & homewear